what you can expect

Yoga with a gentle approach.


Yoga classes are accessible to all skill levels.

Explore physical and mindful self discovery.


One on one instruction and lots of fun with others from the yoga community.  Your "me" time to improve strength, focus, memory skills and self confidence in a relaxed and accepting atmosphere with an experienced instructor.

Expect your outlook on life to change.


The "feel good" lasts for days. You will notice that your mindfulness skills improve, along with your strength, balance and sense of well being.

Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga

A slower paced class for beginners, seniors and persons with mobility challenges. The basic asanas will be demonstrated with modifications, using props, including a chair, when needed for balance. No previous experience necessary.

Hatha Flow

A basic hatha class that will gently introduce some of the more challenging asanas, pranayamas and meditation. The Zen inspired music will help set the mood as you become centred and mindful. The vinyasas will flow to the invigorating rhythms. No sense of rhythm?  Don't worry!  It's all about the feel good! 

Teen Yoga

After school fun yoga for your tween or teen. Teens will learn how to deal with stress using mindfulness and breathing techniques, while also building self confidence as they gain strength, flexibility and improved memory.