traditional hatha yoga

Certified YAA Instructor

Connie has a background in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga and has practised for over forty years.  She has taught basic Hatha in Edmonton for the past 10 years. She is certified through the Yoga Association of Alberta, Alternative Touch Studios and Yoga In My School.


I have been taking Yoga with Connie for about a year and a half now and before this I had never done any Yoga at all. I am not very flexible and I really notice a difference in my flexibility and just a general sense of well being after class that continues on the next day too.  The class is designed so that you can do a gentle stretch and then she shows us modifications that would increase the difficulty and lets us decide which is better for us based on how we feel.  This lets us all work as a class but also at our own pace which I really appreciate.    Her classes are peaceful and fun but still really good exercise.  I look forward to my Monday classes! Beth